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Our approach to media is far more than working the numbers. We marry experience, common sense and state-of-the-art media acumen. Our creative process — not a mechanical operation — is what consistently leads to successful implementation of resourceful media plans.

Creating the most effective media plan for your objective involves devising yes, a novel approach…but one that’s also grounded in proven historical fact. That’s why, at Keil & associates, making effective impressions through out-of-the-box media planning and buying is the core of what we do.

Applying unmatched media expertise and abundant enthusiasm for your campaign goals is where it all begins. To that end, we’ll work in concert with you and our creative partners to determine where to achieve the most valuable impressions — and productive awareness levels.

Shrewd negotiation comes next. Our excellent long-term relationships with the media give you a huge advantage. Tenacious negotiation based on market conditions and your goals, is how we leverage the most efficient and effective media buy for your money. Working with the media through mutual respect and unparalleled camaraderie is how we consistently deliver above and beyond our predetermined media goals.


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